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    zhou Chairman of the political branch of the Guangdong provincial governor and chief commander of the Eighth Route Army, Nanjing National fake rolexGovernment General Staff Part, Chief of General Staff Li Jishen, March 21, Li Jishen under house arrest fake rolex in eastern outskirts of Nanjing Tangshan, in order Replica rolex to break up the Union, Guangdong and Replica watches Guangxi. Hu Hansan and Li Chi-shen of the Nanjing National Government Chiefs of Staff Major General General Staff when he was a classmate of friendship, Babaizhijiao Rolex Replica watches hated Chiang Kai-shek arbitrary dictatorship. Kuomintang what can not conceal Hu Hansan, March 22, his excuse train to Guangzhou, Chiang Kai-shek under house arrest Li Jishen top-secret news to tell the Clique Li Tsung-jen and other go-getters, Guangdong and Guangxi who rallied to denounce. Chiang Kai-shek learned that Hu Hansan Leak, and replica franck muller went to Guangzhou tipped off after. replica rolex Accusing March 26, the Nanjing government headed by Chiang Kai-shek ordered removed from Li Tsung-jen, rolex replica Li Chi-shen, Pai Chung-hsi of this and of the functional and forever Replica bellandrose expelled from the party. On the same day, Chiang Kai-shek composition

    replica franck muller in November 1947, the KMT’s pro-democracy camp the first joint meeting of representatives held in Hong Kong after Li Fake rolexJishen write a letter to Hu Hansan, invited him to come to Hong Kong to join the forthcoming new Chinese Kuomintang Fake rolex Revolutionary Committee of the important positions. January 1, 1948, the Chinese Kuomintang Revolutionary Committee was formally Rolex Replica established in Hong Kong, elected Replica rolex the replica rolex Soong Ching Ling, Honorary cheap fake watches President of Li Jishen President, He Xiangning, Feng Yuxiang, and other selected central leading organs. Li Jishen also the second letter from General invited Hu Hansan joined the Chinese Kuomintang Revolutionary Committee, and his family moved to settle in Hong Kong, all costs incurred by Replica watches his Rolex Replica burden. Hu Hansan due to poor health, did not take place. Winter, Hu Hansan possessions confiscated Fake rolex in 1952 (according to the documents, participate in the Revolution of 1911 military Rolex Fake watches personnel possessions to replica rolex be protected. Yuexi County, radical land reform movement, there is no enforcement of the rule). Far away in Beijing, Li Jishen fear the back Yuexi County, rolex replica home to settle in the sworn brothers, write to the shop front River District the Shiju Township Hu Ha Hangzhou Street shot !

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