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Three questions about Marla: favicons, sticky posts, large masonry blocks

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  1. Anónimo

    I like Marla - so far its the only theme I've found which is free, and provides a masonry-style layout with infinite scroll.

    However, in searching through the menus, I can't find out how to set or change the favicon - I'm sure it's in there somewhere, but I can't find it.

    Also, is it possible to put something like a clustr-map somewhere at the top of the front page?

    Finally, masonry allows for some posts to be of sizes 1x2, 2x1 or 2x2.  Does Marla support these sizes, or is it possible to add this in with a tool of some sort?

    Thank you very much - and thank you for reading me in English - I confess to not speaking a word of Spanish.


    Publicado hace 5 años #
  2. ceslava


    First thanks for your words about Marla theme.

    Im afraid that everything that you comment is possible but through a customization.

    Add a favicon is easy, with a plugin or editing header.php

    But a about the map all you can do is a widget but if want it the whole width youll need to edit the theme and insert it before the masonry.

    Theres not any option for sizes, they are fixed width, so youll have to do some modification as well.

    Thanks you and sorry for my poor english.


    Publicado hace 5 años #

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