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Marla Theme - Disable Infinite Scroll

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  1. Marisa Wright

    Firstly, apologies, my Spanish is too rusty to ask this question!

    I would like to disable infinite scroll on Marla.  Is that possible?  I am happy for it to scroll, but would want it to stop scrolling after a certain number of posts

    Publicado hace 6 años #
  2. ceslava

    Hi Marisa,

    First thanks for using Marla. Im sorry to tell you theres not a simple way to disable infinite scroll if youre not good developing with PHP and JS.

    You must edit some files to disable it. If you need it I can guide you.

    By the way if you feel more comfortable theres an official english forum about Marla here:

    Best regards

    Publicado hace 6 años #

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